Prof Y Narasimhulu


Genesis: Erstwhile Sri Krishnadevaraya University PG centre was known for its NSS wing under Kurnool Dist. The NSS Unit of SKU PG centre was led by Programme Officers like PROF. GOVINDRARAJU, PROF. S. MADHUSUDHAN VARMA and DR. T.V. SHESHAIAH. A massive plantation work was undertaken by Programme Officers like Prof. Govindaraju and others. The credit for the present Vegetation may be attributable to those Programme Officers. They used to do many service programmes by motivating the volunteers. Prof. S. Madhusudhan Varma, being the Programme Officer, led the teams of volunteers for the help of Earth quake victims of Gujarat. An exemplary work was done in their leadership.

Later, in the year 2008, with the transformation of SKU PG centre into Rayalaseema University, the University NSS Coordination centre started with effect from 1-7-2009 with 2 NSS Units with Dr.T.V. SHESHAIAH and Dr. G. SRIRANGANAYAKULU as the first NSS Programme Coordinator and NSS Programme officer respectively. The NSS Units in the University campus were led by Dr. T.V. Sheshaiah (Unit-I) and Dr.G.Sri Ranganayakulu (Unit-II) as programme officers from 2009-11, followed by DR. Y. RAGHUNATHA REDDY and DR. N. SREEDHAR as Programme Officers from 2011-13.

Regular and special Camping activities were conducted during 2009-10; 2010-11; 2011-12; 2012-13; 2013-14; and 2014-15.

In the second half of 2009, the NSS Rayalaseema University, concentrated mainly on relief operations of huge floods affected Kurnool District. The Volunteers participated in medical camps along with Red Cross Society in Kurnool Town. The Volunteers collected flood relief fund amounted to Rs. 4000/- with in Rayalaseema University staff and students and Rs. 6000/- worth of note books from Satya Sai Seva Samithi, distributed to students of Nehru memorial municipal school, which was worst affected.

NSS Officers

Prof. N. Narasimhulu
In-charge, NSS

Dr. Anjaneyulu
Program Officer Unit

Dr. N. Moses
Program Officer Unit

Dr.G. Meera Bai
Program Officer Unit